Bespoke Designs

Our clients are welcome to send their very own desired designs that we can replicate, making your item an exclusive piece.

Furniture Fashion

Being fully customisable, you get to choose furniture styles that are currently trending internationally that may not yet be aviable in South African stores.

Talent & Expertise

Rest assured, your items are crafted by skill, expertise and with passion - Giving out top quality items, completed in a well thought out design.

Affordable Furniture

Our furniture is not only customised to match your style, colour and size but also to match your budget, we will advice on the more cost effective methods.


Taking our environment into consideration when building with this precious natural resource, to enure the wood is protected and respected throughout production, with minimal wastage and also making use of reclaimed wood when required.


None of our items are mass produced. They are carefully and individually crafted by a talented team of skilled carpenters giving your item heart and soul.

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