Who we are?

A wooden furniture manufacturing company based in the Lowveld area inbetween Nelspruit & White River, Mpumalanga. Focused on creating affordable, functional & fashionable furniture creations for any home, garden, lodge or shop, meeting any style and design requirements. We strive to provide uniquely creative handmade wood work furniture, built-in units, outdoor furniture & features – adding special & personal character & charm to your space.

What we do?

Interior designing, furnishing and  decorating is a personal and exciting task, although this can become frustrating when you can’t seem to find the exact products you seek in the retail furniture stores, or that theyr’e not affordable – that’s where we come in, we ensure that your desired furniture is an affordable possibility! Our products offer great quality and visual appeal, uniquely & creatively designed. Our methods in which we build our items follow an environmentally conscious strategy – 100% handmade products, nothing is mass produced, everything is personally and individually built by the pure talent of our craftsmen. We also, in some cases, make use of recycled / reclaimed pallet wood. We ensure to make use of locally supplied products & services in completing and building our crafts. The woods we use inlclude A-grade Pine Wood, Kiaat, Saligna, Meranti, Oak, Leadwood and more.

  • 100% wooden products
  • Affordable Prices
  • Customised Designs
  • Replicated Designs
  • 100% Handmade Furniture
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non Mass Manufactured
  • Quality & Durability

Where it all began ...

Humble beginnings and a dream that took 10 years to come into fruition.
After dreaming of starting up a business of my own for a good 10 years, this completely ‘out-of-the-blue’ wood working hobby turned into just tha, my own business. Unplanned and unknown talents, I one day randomly brought home a large pallet from work and decided to make something out of it (keep in mind I’m not a ‘DIY’ kind of guy, I’m a ‘call a professional’ kind of guy – or at leaste I used to be) I refurbished it into a Glass Top Coffee Table and realised how much I enjoyed this. This hobby started on my patio, and each weekend was a new project, before I knew it, family and friends started to place their ‘orders’ – seeing this response made me and my wife think of attempting to actually make a website (luckily my wife is a web designer) and see if there would be a demand for this, and the answer was, Yes! And the rest was history….

Still having a full-time job, I worked on the business every spare moment I got, weekends and night time – juggling the orders, making them and delivering them – and so this went on for a few years. I started on the patio and graduated to the garage and then finally now in a workshop with a dedicated team of passionate, creative and talented carpenters!

Being spiritually led to this hobby and having this business venture literally fall on my lap, out of the blue (which I always believed would come true) inspired the name of the business ‘Creator Creations’ as I am the Creator of my Creations, God is the Creator of His Creations (me and this business)

In such a short time the business has expanded as we now see ourselves working with an array of different wood types, offering a wider range of services, taking on more challenging projects, improving upon and perfecting our skills and craftsmanship going forward to ensure we give our clients top of the range products and service.

Our goals and vision is to continue expanding our services and skill set, remaining affordable to our clients and ensure that we are able to provide continued job creation and stability to the talented, dedicated and hard working craftsmen and carpenters in our community. We look forward to the future this business has in store for both it’s workers and loyal valued clients.

Our Unique Process

Inspired Design & Planning

Inspiration – either by an original idea which turns into an exclusively designed product. Or researching, sketching & planning a way to replicate a clients’ own desired design request – making your designs come to life!

Locally Supplied Materials

We proudly support local suppliers within the Mpumalanga area. Our materials are all locally sourced and our wooden materials are hand-picked and chosen, ensuring only the best quality is used for our products.

100% Handmade Production

We will then proceed to the preparation of building the product, after sourcing the required materials – the compiling and building of the project will take place which is completely handmade, on-site by our craftsmen team.

Our Final Product Completion

Once the final product is done along with all the last touches and finishings in order to achieve a perfect end-result and ultimately customer satisfaction. We ensure to spend the time & resources in creating a high-quality product.

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